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OE braking for 100 top selling cars

What is it that 100 top-selling cars all have in common? 

You can’t tell from the latest list of makes and models, but you can tell if you take a closer look at the vehicles up on your workshop ramp for their first brake pad change. Ferodo is a leading partner to vehicle manufacturers, helping 100 top-selling cars come to a stop.

That’s a stunning achievement, and the statistics behind it are simply staggering:

  • Over the last 10 years, Ferodo has produced 431,000,000 Original Equipment brake pads for leading car manufacturers
  • Every year, Ferodo produces an average of 40,000,000 pads for factory fitting as Original Equipment
  • Since Eco-Friction technology for low- and zero-copper brake pads was first introduced, three global vehicle manufacturers have signed up to fit them to their vehicles – and Ferodo have produced 55,000,000 of the Eco-Friction pads.

So where are all these brake pads made? You may not have realised, but Ferodo has 13 factories producing OE brake pads, located in:

  • UK – Chapel-en-le-Frith 
  • CHINA – Chongqing and Wuhan
  • CZECH REPUBLIC – Kostelec
  • SPAIN - Badalona and Barcelona
  • INDIA – Chennai
  • ITALY – Mondovi
  • MEXICO – Juarez and Tepotzotlan
  • ROMANIA – Ploiesti
  • USA – Smithville and Glasgow

That means every time you fit Ferodo pads, you’re not just fitting top quality aftermarket pads. You’re also fitting pads manufactured by a global corporation, which perform for customers around the world driving the world’s top-selling cars. 

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