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The race is on! Ford Fiesta brake pads from Ferodo


It doesn’t matter which part of your car you’re thinking about – steering, suspension, wheels – it’s easy to say it’s essential for your safety. But, it’s definitely true when you’re thinking about your brakes. And they’re not just essential for your safety, but also for the safety of other road users.


The race is on! New Ford Fiesta brake pads

Speed away from the pack with the new Ferodo ECO-FRICTION brake pads. The Ford Fiesta joins five other popular car makes and models with the new and specially developed brake pads from Ferodo.

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ECO-FRICTION brake pads offer:

  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • High performance and safety
  • Factory fitted as Original Equipment approval

Each box of Ford Fiesta front brake pads includes easy instructions and all the accessories required for a smooth installation.

ECO-FRICTION brake pads

Environmental standards around the world are becoming more and more strict, making manufacturers of cars and their components to develop new and innovative solutions. An example of these stricter standards is new legislation in the US which requires all friction materials – such as brake pads – to contain less than 0.5% copper by 2025.

Ferodo has risen to the challenge and developed the ECO-FRICTION range of brake pads.

  • Environmentally friendly materials
    The Ferodo ECO-FRICTION brake pads deliver the same outstanding performance as Ferodo Premier pads, but with a smaller environmental impact. Extensive and dedicated testing of more than 1,500 materials and 25 new components over five years resulted in the greener materials used in the ECO-FRICTION brake pads. This material significantly reduces fine particle emissions, uses less heavy metals and almost eliminates copper completely. The high quality material also suppresses more brake noise than standard brake pads.
  • High performance and safety
    Changing to greener materials hasn’t compromised performance. The Ferodo ECO-FRICTION brake pads deliver up to 17% more stopping power than competitors’ brands for tested car makes and models as witnessed and certified by an independent testing lab. Independent test results awarded the Ferodo ECO-FRICTION brake pads best-in-class performance.
  • Original Equipment quality
    In fact, thanks to their high performance and technologically innovative nature, ECO-FRICTION brake pads have been approved and adopted by vehicle manufacturers. Ferodo ECO-FRICTION pads are approved by top German vehicle manufacturers and factory fitted as Original Equipment on a range of car models.

Looking to the future

Our dedication to finding innovative ways to keep you ahead of the pack and to meet and exceed changing environmental legislation continues. Some of our current research projects include new light brake callipers that don’t generate noise or vibrations and take up less space; and a new electric brake system that uses a stable static friction system to park on slopes.


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