Ferodo Racing brake pads bring you peak power and heat control

Keeping control can be the difference between winning and losing. Ferodo Racing pads give both low and high-speed braking efficiency, cut stopping distances and provide the consistent brake pedal feel that racing drivers need.

Tough testing on race circuits

We’ve subjected these racing brake pads to rigorous testing and development, from laboratory and dynamometer programmes to the race circuit. These ultra high-performance pads bring together years of racing expertise to give drivers a competitive edge on the track.

Ferodo – a racing name

For more than 80 years, Ferodo has been known for the quality of its racing products. Our dedicated racing R&D team continuously develops innovative braking technologies that give motorsport teams all over the world the best chance of victory.


Leading technology for racing drivers

All Ferodo Racing brake pads are manufactured to the highest international ISO16949 and 14001 quality standards at Federal Mogul’s dedicated manufacturing facility in Italy. Every brake pad is subjected to a total of 26 separate quality controls during its manufacture .

Our Racing pads integrate numerous innovative friction material formulations and design features:

Precision Engineering

Each back plate is manufactured from high tensile steel, meaning minimum distortion when subjected to the high clamping forces common in motorsport use.
Pads are manufactured to maintain high tolerances on the pad and back-plate dimensions, including: flatness, parallelism and overall thickness.
BENEFIT TO YOU: Rapid and uniform transmission of pressure from the brake system to the pads.

Thermal Underlayer

Unlike many other competitors’ products, each Ferodo Racing brake pad incorporates a thermal underlayer between the backing plate and the friction material.
BENEFIT TO YOU: Brake caliper’s operating temperature is lowered by up to 80 deg C, significantly reducing the risk of boiling the brake fluid and causing a “spongy” feeling in the pedal.

Disc Friendly

The Ferodo racing pad is kind to brake discs. Ferodo pads are developed to optimise both the life span of pad AND disc. Our philosophy is not to increase pad life at the expense of the disc.
BENEFIT TO YOU: Brake discs last longer.

High Control

Each Ferodo Racing brake pad is engineered to perform with a relatively constant coefficient of friction (mu) across a wide range of temperatures, pressures and vehicle speeds.
BENEFIT TO YOU: A consistent brake feel for the driver.

Quick-look benefits

  • WINNING: Achieves consistently short stopping distances in testing
  • HEAT CONTROL: Effective even under extreme race conditions